Tom Hardy and His Diet

If you want to get the gains from the Tom Hardy Warrior Workout, you need the same nutritional intake that the actor was taking while building that sculpted physique. If you want to get the look of a street fighter (but not a metrosexual model), then this is the workout and diet plan for you. […]

Jason Stratham and His Workouts

Jason Stratham spent 12 years as a diver for Team Great Britain and placed 12th at the 1992 World Championships before he became a popular action movie star. While getting in shape for his movie role as the convict Jensen Ames in The Expendables, he worked out in the yard at California‚Äôs Corcoran State Prison. […]

Daniel Craig Workout

Daniel Craig first realized he needed to get fit when he landed the role of James Bond. His work out starts of with a power circuit and finishes with stretching and easy cardio. In order for Craig to gain the weight he needed he would have to workout between 3-5 times a day. In order […]

Get Fit with Jessica Biel Workout

Jessica Biel hasbeen in show business ever since she appeared in “7th Heaven” back in the 1990s. A lot of families and people saw her on the show which, unfortunately, is no longer around. However, she’s been keeping herself busy by doing movies and appeared in shows. On top of that, she’s married to Justin […]

Adrian Peterson Workout

Adrian Peterson is probably one of the most recognizable running backs in the NFL, running for more than any other running backin a single game. Along with this notoriety, Peterson also tore his ACL and returned to the sportin record time to compete again. He follows a very strict workout each day to stay conditioned, […]

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

One of the most memorable aspects of ‘Fight Club’ was the extremely toned and lean physique sported by leading man Brad Pitt. Believe it or not, while Pitt was lucky enough to born with his rugged good looks that body doesn’t come naturally – and was the product of many hours of disciplined training. Of […]

50 Cent Workout

50 cents is a hip hop artist and known across the world for his entrepreneurship and his massive muscles. A lot of men and women are wondering how 50 cents built his body up to such massive proportions. 50 cents or Curtis Jackson is a very savvy guy. He knows that staying in shape is […]