Tom Hardy Age

Tom Hardy is an American actor who has stared in a number of blockbuster films. Born 15 September 1977 (age 38). His recent role was in the Batman film ‘The Black Knight rises’. It required him to carry out an intensive workout so that he could achieve a bulked up appearance for the film. The Tom hardy work out is now out there for others to try for themselves and in this article we will take a look at the Tom Hardy work out in a little more detail.

Tom Hardy fitness plan

The routine is his age involves the individual to focus on a diet that depletes carbs in a careful regime so as to develop a lower body fat ratio and develop a look that resembles that of a very lean boxer. This is done by effectively sending signals to the muscles that you want to effect in a controlled and balanced way so that you can evenly develop the body. This is done carefully by breaking down the exercise routines into smaller chunks so that you can focus on each area of the body in a more controlled way by remembering your age.

What techniques uses Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy used this technique and was instructed by his trainer to work out four times a day by splitting these sessions into morning exercise, lunch sessions, afternoon sessions and finally an evening session after dinner. This balance of training especially at his age allowed Tom hardy the ability of focusing on each session with routines that were done slowly but with more focus.

What he should do at the age of 38

These sessions focused on a selection of different exercises. Now realize that he is not a young man at that age. Below is a break down of the different exercises that were carried out through out the daily routine that Tom Hardy would carry out:

– A selection of different press up routines

– Shoulder flies used with dumbbells in each hand

– Dips that involving sitting on the floor with your back against a chair, raising your body with your arms

Herchel Walker Interview And His Famous Training Plan

Men want to gain muscle while women want to look toned and sleek. In the fitness industry, the Herchel Walker personal training plan is well known. Despite what most people think, it doesn’t involve using expensive exercise equipment as well as doing 8 hours of workout a day.

This one is different. You can gain muscle even without using exercise equipment. His exercise and diet is somewhat “unorthodox” but you’ll see why in a minute.

Body Weight Exercise Is Used Throughout the Program

First of all, using body weight as exercise could get a guy to become “buff” as in with muscles. Herschel Walker used this method even today to stay in such great shape. He may look like a gym rat or uses weightlifting to become the way he is now but that’s not true.

He does a lot of situps and pushups on a daily basis. He started doing this as a kid and it’s amazing to see such great results coming out of it. See the two results from when he was a kid and now.


Pushups and situps: 5000 a day.


  • Pushups: 750-1500 a day;
  • Situps: 3000 a day;
  • Pullups: 1500 a day;
  • Dips: 1000 a day;
  • Squats: 1000 a day.

Cardio Routine

Run up to 8 miles a day and sprints too. Martial arts and MMA is included when done with this exercise routine during the morning time. He does this every morning.

His Diet Routine

As funny as that may sound, in a lot of resources, they say to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snack times. Not Herschel Walker. He doesn’t eat breakfast or lunch. He does for dinner though. It consists of bread, salad and soup. He skips red meat but on occasion, have chicken.


As you can see, his plan is somewhat different than most resources that are out there. You must be consistent to get in such great shape or all of that hard work would go away. It’s not a quick way to get in shape as in a day. If you do this everyday, you’ll see that all of your hard work would pay off.

Workout Tips to Go Use with Cristiano Ronaldo Workout and Diet

Cristiano Ronaldo has graced our TV sets as being the best footballer of our time for a while now. Other than his amazing skills, another noticeable thing about this football player is the body.


His body has turned out to be an inspiration and admiration for many guys who also want to look just like him. He has muscular and a lean body that is not easy to get with regular workout routines.

Here is how to incorporate Cristiano Ronaldo workout and diet in your daily routine.


Consistency hard for many people. Most of them would have the excuse of having a busy schedule at work. That is not always the case sometimes. People just want to get an amazing body by doing half the work.

Ronaldo works out for 5 days a week. Each day has something different to be done to ensure better body proportionality. His sessions take from 3 to 5 hours. It is easy to find some 3 hours to spare for a better body.

Diet is the key to a lean body

You might be visiting the gym each day working hard to cut back on fat, but you still end up gaining more weight. You have to get a sneak peak at Ronaldo’s diet and you will be amazed he does not miss anything major, but rather ensures the amount of fat intake is kept to the minimum.

Cutting back on junk food is a first step to having a great body. If you must have junk food as a cheat on your diet, just keep it to a minimum, once a week should be okay.

Get sufficient proteins

The proteins are important to gain more muscles than before. Most bodybuilders will always recommend for you to have more proteins rather than the other types of meals. Ronaldo being a football player, he needs many proteins to keep him strong for the whole game.

Also, he is likely to tear muscles during the game. With an adequate intake of proteins, such a person can easily rebuild the muscles.

Hit the gym

That is the whole point of having a Cristiano Ronaldo workout plan in the first place. Before getting into the heavy lifting, Ronaldo starts with a few warm-ups. The warm-ups are important to raise the heartbeat and get your body ready for the exercises to come.

To gain a better physique like Ronaldo, you might have to follow everything he does and even add on a few to make it more intense. Make sure to exercise all your body parts through the whole week of exercising. It is the best way to ensure you gain muscle and lose fat proportionally.

You have to rest too

Do not kill yourself with working out so much that you have no time to rest. Give your body the weekend to relax and have a great time with family. If the body gets to recover over the weekend, you should be in a position to work out more the coming week to gain a better body.

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Ryan Gosling Keeps A Daily Workout Plan

Ryan Works Out Daily

Ryan Gosling is one of Hollywood’s top performing actors, especially shirtless, which is why he insists on staying as fit as possible. Whatever role Ryan is preparing for, his trainers state that he is very persistent and consistant.


In prepration for an acting role as a fighter, Ryan began with lifing dumbells, reverse lunges, resistance bands, and he wore a weighted vest while he worked out. Ryan’s focuses on intense weight training routines for full body strength and muscle strength.

Workout Plan for the Movies

The Ryan Gosling workout plan is one that also combines short cardio exercises, in combination with high-intensity cardio exercises, around 4 days a week. When Mr. Gosling begins workout out for a specific role, he likes to start with a 6 week period of high and low rep sets, while resting for a few days in between, so that the muscles can recover and develop. Using this workout technique allows him to quickly and safely pack on the muscles that he needs.

Typical Workout Techniques

It is reported, that Ryan Gosling’s weekly workout plan, generally might include 3 sets each of the following routines and varied reps. He and his trainers will impose variations on the workout plans, but generally his training could look like the following:

  • Day 1 – Strong Back and BicepsBicep Curls, Dumbbells, and Cable Seated/One Arm Rows.
  • Day 2 – Strong Lower BackBarbells, Lunges, Leg Curl/Leg Press Machine, Seated Calf Raises.
  • Day 3 – Defined Chest and TricepsBarbell Bench workouts, Tricep Dip, Cable Pec Fly, and Tricep Cable Extension with Rope.
  • Day 4 – Strong Abs and CoreAb Twist with Ball, Back Extension, Ab Crunches, Dumbbell exercises, and Hanging Leg Raise.
  • Day 5 – Define Shoulder MusclesOver the Shoulder Raises, Barbell exercises, and Single Arm Shoulder Presses.

Ryan’s Lifestyle Commitment

Ryan’s film workouts also includes his commitment to a clean and healthy high calorie food regiment. He stays away from oily, junk and processed foods, plus he also takes supplements to enhance strength during workout sessions.Ryan also believes in concentrating in training workouts that enhance his upper and midsection areas. As a result, he likes to work out for around two hours nonstop.

With a naturally thin 30+ year old physique and a 6 ft.1 inch height, Ryan exercises to keep his six pack flat abs, a lean waistline, toned legs, well developed pecs, good sized shoulders, defined arms, and a more muscular framework. Ryan Gosling Workout Plan does not include over defying his muscle size. He works out just enough to give him a natural, well defined look.

Kellan Lutz Workout

Actor Kellan Lutz is an up and coming action star that has appeared in movies such as the Legend of Hercules and the Immortals. In his films he usually portrays a beefy tough guy loaded with muscles and lots of fighting skill. Lutz likes to workout his powerful 6’1 and 195 pound frame.

He does not rely on a lot of traditional workout routines to get into shape. Instead, he focuses on an exercise regimen that builds up his body without tearing it down.

Lutz Muscle Fitness

Lutz focuses on exercises such as running pull-ups, single arm cable rows, rolling medicine ball push-ups and rear foot elevated split squats. These are some exercises that are not commonly used by most people and this is why they work for Lutz.

He has a trainer that does not limit him to the standard squat, bench press and deadlift routines that most bodybuilders use to get big and strong. Lutz’s routine is designed to sculpt his body, give him strength and the flexibility to use it all.

One of the things that Lutz does will not do is to keep himself molded inside of the normal workout routine. He knows that he cannot afford to pack on too much muscle but he has to balance this approach by keeping his pecks firm and srong. Lutz wants to ensure that his body is being perfected without being shortchanged. This is not always an easy thing to accomplish.

Some Important Points about Lutz’s Workout Plan

People can follow Lutz’s routine but they will probably have to investigate many of the exercises that he does to get the same results. Lutz makes it a point (and he has the time) to work out at least four times a week. He also has a diet that helps him to maintain his mass while still keeping a lean and mean look.

He focuses on a protein based diet but he does not go over 3500 calories per day. Lutz workout plan is best suited for people who need to balance strength and agility with some speed.

Tom Hardy and His Diet

If you want to get the gains from the Tom Hardy Warrior Workout, you need the same nutritional intake that the actor was taking while building that sculpted physique.

If you want to get the look of a street fighter (but not a metrosexual model), then this is the workout and diet plan for you.

Three Words: Chicken and Vegetables

Each day, Hardy would eat five or six small meals focusing on lean protein and vegetables. The staples of his diet were:

  • Lean chicken breasts (skinless, boneless).
  • Raw and steamed vegetables.
  • Protein shakes (to build extra muscle).
  • Milk.

This means that he had to eat a lot of chicken – and not the fried kind that comes in the bucket. There were a lot of single, lean skinless chicken breasts and steamed or raw vegetables. He needed to give his body extra protein, though, so that he could add on more muscle, so he drank at least one protein shake a day and often more, within 30 minutes after the end of his workouts to optimize muscle mass.

There were times that Hardy would let himself have small servings of ice cream as a treat. In some cases, the trainer would work in some rice, but since rice is a simple carbohydrate, he would keep that to a minimum.

Can you live on this diet?

Is this diet realistic for the average person? To be sure, there’s a lot of repetition. It takes a lot of discipline to stick with that same protein source, day in and day out.

You can get similar benefits from incorporating fish into your diet, but that can add expense. Notice the extremely low carbohydrate intake – this diet has that in common with the Paleo Diet, in that the body takes its energy from the protein and vegetables.

Here’s the skinny

If you have seen pictures of Tom Hardy fromWarrior orThe Dark Knight Rises, you know that it paid off. If you are willing to stick to the diet and workout regimen that he followed, the results will follow for you as well.

Jason Statham and His Workouts

Jason Statham spent 12 years as a diver for Team Great Britain and placed 12th at the 1992 World Championships before he became a popular action movie star.


While getting in shape for his movie role as the convict Jensen Ames in The Expendables, he worked out in the yard at California’s Corcoran State Prison.

They banned weights in the yard, so he had to do bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and squats the same way the prisoners worked out. This workout that got Jason into “prison shape” formed the basis of the type of workout he uses today.


Jason’s advice on getting and staying lean is to avoid eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates after lunch that way the body has time to burn off the sugar carbs the rest of the day. He has a high protein low carb diet that consists of chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

He says about 95 percent of his diet is healthy, and when he has a “blowout” as he calls it, he likes to eat chocolate. Sometimes the foods he eats is dependent on where he is, whether he is in England, southern California, or on some exotic location for a movie shoot.

Workout Routine

Jason’s workout philosophy is to never repeat a workout and take notes in order to recognize which exercises are working and which ones are not. He works out six days a week for no more than 35 minutes per workout. He still does a variety of body weight exercises, but he also does some weight training as well such as:

• Dead lifts

• Close-grip pulldowns

• The farmers walk

• One arm cable rows

He also mixes in running, swimming, and some mixed martial arts for cardio work. Jason performs his own stunt, and his workout routine helps him to develop the strength and athleticism to perform more complex stunts. He says his workout routine is a nightmare but priceless.

Daniel Craig Workout

Daniel Craig first realized he needed to get fit when he landed the role of James Bond. His work out starts of with a power circuit and finishes with stretching and easy cardio. In order for Craig to gain the weight he needed he would have to workout between 3-5 times a day.

In order to get big you must also eat big!

To build up his muscles he stuck to a diet of whole grains, protein powder and lean meats. He finds the problem with American diets is they leave no room for failure and can be too extreme.


As well as keeping on top of your calorie intake you should also make sure you

  • Get what calories you need left from carbs.
  • Eat at least 0.8 grams of protein.
  • Make sure 20% of your calorie intake comes from fat.

Fisrt Day

  • Incline dumbbell or barbell press.
  • Pull ups with weight if possible.
  • Alternating hammer dumbbell curls.
  • Tricep rope extension.
  • Chest exercises (dumbbell flyes, cable crossover, etc…).
  • Row variation (cable row, t-bar, dumbbell ,barbell, etc…).

Second Day

  • Deadlifts.
  • Dumbbell lunges.
  • Standing calf raise.
  • Sprints.

*Set treadmill to slight incline (10%).

*Warm up for 3-5 minutes (moderate-fast walking speed).

*Increase speed and begin to alternate between all out sprints for 30 seconds and rest (back to walking speed) for 60 seconds.

*Repeat step 3. 8-10 times.

Third Day

*Seated dumbbell press.

*Row variation (cable row, t-bar, dumbbell, barbell).

*Pull ups.

*Side lateral raises, reps done in drop set fashion.

*Alternating dumbbell curls.

*Triceps extension.

Fifth Day

*Barbell squat – 5 sets x 10-15 reps.

*Reverse lunges – 4 sets x 8-10 reps.

*Calf raise – 5 sets x 12-20 reps.

More Sprints

*Set treadmill to slight incline (10%).

*Warm up for 3-5 minutes (moderate-fast walking speed).

*Increase speed and begin to alternate between all out sprints for 30 seconds and rest (back to walking speed) for 60 seconds.

*Repeat the step 3. 8-10 times.

Daniel’s Diet


Daniel Craig’s workout (click here) has to be one of the best around, he’s no bodybuilder, he’s just an actor who’s got himself in shape for his acting roles. Daniel did full length body circuits with his trainer. His diet consists of eggs, chicken, fish and protein shakes.

He kept his carb level very low because he was more concerned with cutting body fat, whilst building muscle. Daniel did his workout plan whilst filming. In order to get the figure you need to play roles like James Bond, you need to put the work in. Daniel spent a lot of time with his trainer so he could get the role.

His workout routine mainly involve a lot of circuit training as well as cardio workouts. If you are ready to take on a challenge then this is the workout for you! Protein is very important when it comes to building muscle. A high amount of protein was a key strategy in Daniel’s transformation.

Daniel Craig’s workout will not disappoint you in anyway! Make sure to drink plenty of water and take multivitamins, water helps rid your body of important minerals.

Make sure to keep a healthy balanced diet to make sure you have the proper nutrients which will help fuel you throughout your workout.

Get Fit with Jessica Biel Workout

Jessica Biel hasbeen in show business ever since she appeared in “7th Heaven” back in the 1990s. A lot of families and people saw her on the show which, unfortunately, is no longer around. However, she’s been keeping herself busy by doing movies and appeared in shows.

On top of that, she’s married to Justin Timberlake and have a baby. As a new mom, she knows how hectic moms are facing especially with working as a wife and a mother. Before she became a mom, she’s been physically active with sports and working out ever since she was young. She got used to working out and have been doing it for years.

Since you’re curiousabout howJessica Biel stay in such tip top shape no matter how hectic her life may get, here is how you can get fit with the Jessica Biel workout.

Jessica Biel Credits Her Body to Jason Walsh

With Jason Walsh as her trainer, depending on her movie role, she workouts with him two or three times a week. She does a mix of plyometric and strength training.

Years of doing gymnastics left her legs and back somewhat weak which the routine strengthen the areas with strength training and cardio.

Workout On Her Own

When she’s not working out with her trainer Jason Walsh, she stays active by doing yoga, volleyball and anything that involve spending time outdoors.

She does it every other day when not in the gym.When you take the time to do exercises that make your heartbeat stay up, that means you’re doing a good job.

However, there are people that don’t sweat which isn’t always a good indicator that you’re working at your hardest. You’ll know when you worked your hardest just by running out of breath. It’s a good indicator to work even harder once you get used it.

Recap of Jessica Biel’s Workout

  1. She workout with her trainertwo or three times a week. Jason Walsh have her do a mix of plyometric, cardio and strength training. Jessica hates plyometric because it makes her sore but she knows it get her to become even stronger.
  2. When not working out at the gym, she does volleyball, bike riding, running with the dogs or anything that had to do with being outdoors.
  3. She workout five days a week. Three days of strength training, about two times a week of yoga and cardio every single day.

Ronnie Coleman Diet


Ronnie Coleman is an American body builder who holds the record of eight straight wins as Mr. Olympia. He has actually managed to get his name into the history books as the greatest body builder of all time. For him to achieve this massive body, Ronnie believes in mass diet. He takes several meals a day which includes all the nutrients. His diet however changes over the years in order to accommodate the changes in his metabolism as he grows older.

Despite these gradual changes in his diet over the years, there are certain foods that remain staple in his diet. Chicken is one of Ronnie’s favorite hence it remain permanent in his diet. Lean meat, milk and cheese are also permanent in his diet over the years. In addition, Ronnie likes to eat seasonal foods as he believes that the human body needs to adjust to the various seasons by consuming the foods that are available during those seasons. Here is a typical Ronnie Coleman’s daily diet that has made him achieve his great body;

Ronnie’s Breakfast

Ronnie takes his breakfast at 10.30 a.m. He always takes a heavy meal for breakfast. It mostly includes foods that are rich in protein and dairy products. He also takes butter, creamed milk and roasted chicken. In addition, he takes two cups of coffee with two cups of egg white. He also takes his multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Ronnie’s Lunch

For Ronnie, lunch time is usually at 4.00 p.m. His lunch mostly includes fast foods only. He loves to take 1 chicken breast, kernel corn, red beans and rice. He also takes two slices of cornbread during lunch. More so Ronnie doesn’t forget taking his food with water.


When it is 7.00 p.m. then it is time for dinner. Ronnie usually takes 4 cups of grits with baked potatoes. If he is not taking 4 cups of grits, he takes two pieces of chicken and some water.

Late night meal

At around 1.30 a.m., Ronnie Coleman takes a late night meal which is usually a protein shake.

The above diet plan has proven to work for Ronnie Coleman. However diet alone is not enough, he also has a workout plan that together with diet have made him have the body that is celebrated today by many.

It is however not that easy, it needs commitment. Ronnie is committed to his workout and diet routine and these commitments have made him be who he is today.